The laboratories of “Physical Metallurgy” founded in 1967, of “Materials and Metallurgy” founded in 2002 and of “Ceramics and Composite Materials” founded in 2002 belong in the Sector of “Science and Technology of Materials”, in the Chemical Engineering Dpt. of the University of Patras. These laboratories constitute MetLab. Nowadays the staff of MetLab consists of 3 Faculty members, 3 senior researchers, 4 postgraduate students and 2 administrative personnel. More than 20 undergraduate students are performing their diploma thesis.


The collaborations of the above laboratories with industries and companies, as well as with universities and research institutes in the Greek and international field, have had an important role on the promotion of its research-educational activities. These collaborations have been conducted within the framework of bilateral and international competitive programmes of basic and applied research. Apart of the conducted research, the results of which are published from its members in acknowledged scientific journals, the laboratory presents a strong relationship to the industrial production in the metallurgy and materials field, in the form of specialised services and studies, as well as deposited patents.